Our Ethos.

The intrigues of our minds.

At Curios we want to make it simple and enjoyable to achieve your academic goals. To do so, we offer a winning combo: personalised learning plans with tutors who have PhDs in their field. Curios tutors both love what they do and are experts at what they do. They are part of the team because their unparalleled capacity to pass on the ‘whats’ and the ‘hows’ of their subject. You can feel confident that your Curios tutor knows what they’re doing when they guide you through, giving you the time and space to absorb newfound knowledge (and perhaps some of their enthusiasm, too!)

Whether it’s getting your head around ancient Greek history for a university course, learning declensions for a Latin exam, French conversation practice (pourquoi pas?), hoping to host a public lecture, or getting better at writing essays, a Curios tutor is waiting, with intrigue, for you.